Friday, January 15, 2010

Eyelash Extension: Cons and Prons

I envy those who are blessed with long/curly/full eyelashes! geez!i wish i am too!
but there are many ways to FAKE your eyelashes! haha! one is to purchase a mascara that makes your eyelash look longer such as L'Oreal's Lash oput mascara, Maybelline volume express --which i was using but not too helpful. (not satisfied).

Then I started to Glue on Eyelash Extension at Hollie Spa Located in Filmore Makati. Cost 888php (Promo) haha!

(Photo taken from the internet)

Here are the Con's and Pro's of EYELASH EXTENSION based on my personal experience:

Pron's :

  • It's painless, they don't hurt as long as they are applied properly.
  • You don't have to wear mascara while they are on.
  • Depending on the style , you can choose mascara effect, or natural effect (a bit expensive). You can also choose your length: short,medium,and long.

  • When they start falling off, it hurts.
  • When they start falling off, you need to retouch them- (you'll hate what it looks like when one or two of your extension have fallen off)
  • retouching is not a free service ,depending on how many lashes have fallen off, cost around 200.
  • When eyelash extension is removed, the real lashes get damaged and brittle.

After I removed my eyelash extension, i noticed my real eyelash got shorter than before and worst-- DAMAGED AND BRITTLED. :(
I'm applying mineral oil every night to help my real eyelash grow, as one of my friend suggests its effective way to make eyelash grow longer. Been using it for 3 days ,haven't seen the effects yet.